Our residential bi-weekly curbside pick-up service is available across Talbot County! 

Subscribers receive a 5-gallon bucket with a compostable liner and a tight-fitting lid that keeps smells in and critters out. 

Put your bucket on your step the day of your pick-up and rest easy knowing your food scraps will never see a landfill


By educating staff to understand what can and cannot be composted, we work with cafes, restaurants, bars, and grocery stores to reduce the amount of waste their business produces. 

Interested in our commercial composting service? Contact us directly! 

Education & Consulting

We’ve worked with local colleges, garden clubs, and religious institutions to educate others on the benefits of composting. 

We’re happy to speak to organizations of all sizes & stripes if it means reducing the amount of waste our community produces. Interested in having us at your event? Contact us directly! 

Bulk & Bagged Compost

Subscribers receive one 5-gallon bucket of compost in the spring and fall for their garden. 

If you are not a subscriber and you are interested in purchasing bulk or bagged compost, please contact us! 

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