New Grounds Composting

Creating a cleaner, greener future for the Eastern Shore

We make it easy to reduce your environmental impact with our comprehensive composting services.

Why work with us?

Composting is the next frontier in waste management, and we’re at the forefront, providing a seamless and eco-conscious solution for individuals and businesses alike. 

By partnering with us, you’re not just adopting a service – you’re becoming a part of a movement dedicated to transforming the way we handle waste. 

We take pride in being a homegrown business, deeply rooted in the local community, and committed to nurturing a more sustainable future for the Eastern Shore.

My food scraps are picked up every other week for composting. I am very happy to recycle these scraps and not add them to the landfill. New Grounds is dependable and a pleasure to work with.

Laura Levin

Easton, MD

Our Services

No matter your needs, it’s our job to make reducing your impact on the environment as easy as possible. 

Residential & Community

Embrace sustainability at home with our hassle-free residential composting service. Collect your kitchen scraps in one of our 10 gallon buckets and we'll take care of the rest.


Our commerical service is tailor made to suit your unique business needs. We'll work directly with your staff to create a hassle-free system that makes it easy to reduce your impact on the environment.


Cultivate a greener institution with our tailored composting solutions. From schools to offices, our service streamlines waste reduction, promoting environmental responsibility and sustainable practices.


Make your events eco-friendly with our event composting service. From weddings to conferences, we manage waste sustainably, leaving a positive impact on the environment while ensuring your gatherings stay green.

Bagged Compost

Residential subscribers get a free 20 lb bag of compost in the spring and fall. Not a subscriber? Contact us to purchase our nutrient-dense compost directly! Plants love us.

Our commercial & institutional partners

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Residential subscribers can click below to claim your free trial month! All other inquiries, contact us directly.