Small change

big impact

Residential compost service available across Talbot County

We are Talbot County's first residential and commercial composting service

We believe that making a positive impact on our planet should be as easy as putting a bucket on your step. 

On average, our subscribers save over 300lbs of waste from landfills per year. In return, they receive one 5-gallon bucket of compost in the spring & fall. Plants love us  ❤️

How it works

You’ll receive a 5 gallon bucket with a compostable liner. Each bucket has a tight fitting lid to keep smells in and critters out.

Fill the bucket with food scraps like coffee grounds, banana peels and so much more from our food scrap list

On your pick-up date, set your bucket outside. We will pick it up and leave you with a new compostable liner.

Sit back and rest easy knowing that 100% of what we collect is composted and will never see a landfill!

My food scraps are picked up every other week for composting. I am very happy to recycle these scraps and not add them to the landfill. New Grounds is dependable and a pleasure to work with.

Laura Levin

Easton, MD

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